Beyond the Classroom

This paper will present a case study of a service-learning project. Service-learning is a pedagogy that engages students in learning through active participation and organized community involvement. It enhances traditional learning by linking academic content and theory to real-world issues. Students are engaged directly in solving real-world problems. In the spring of 2018, a Cal Poly Pomona graphic design class worked with the non-profit organization, Sowing Seeds for Life. Sowing Seeds for Life is a food pantry non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate hunger by providing food for those in need. The class projects included a rebranding for the organization, a business system, and the development of collateral graphic design products. Working with such a nonprofit organization, students gained an awareness of social issues and problems in the world around them. They learned to design for the greater good, and gained experience in client interaction. The course required students to reflect on a variety of real-world issues and ultimately to apply learned graphic design skills to serve one community-based organization. Through service learning, students experienced an awakening of civic competence and engagement while applying their critical thinking and design skills.

Active Learning, Service Learning

Pedagogy and Curriculum

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  • Sooyun Im
    • Student, Cal Poly Pomona, United States United States