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For over fifty years researchers have explored the impact of family engagement on achievement with overwhelming findings that effective engagement strategies can result in higher grades and test scores, enrolment in higher level programs, enhanced social skills and behaviour and improved graduation rates. In addition, engagement also enhances trust between the home and the classroom and benefits teachers in many ways including teacher retention. Considering these findings one would expect that teachers would be maximizing this great resource in classrooms. In actuality we are seeing the opposite. Very few teachers are engaging families into their pedagogy or instructional practice. The family is rarely viewed as valuable contributors to the classroom much less curriculum. Families are usually informed and updated as to the classroom and school activities and invited into the activities but are rarely contributors to the curriculum. Neither are they consulted or considered during the curriculum design or implementation processes. In a time such as this when our schools are bringing together children and families from across the globe with diverse identities and educators and teachers are being called upon to embed identities into the curriculum and classroom and to respond to individual learners it is essential that families be engaged into the curriculum and classroom and that engagement be relational, linked to learning and build the families capacity/efficacy.

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  • Michelle Munroe
    • Manager Family and Community Engagement , Equity and Engagement , Toronto District School Board, Canada Canada
    • Michelle Munroe (MSW, Hon. BA) is the Manager of Family and Community Engagement within the Leadership, Learning and School Improvement Unit at the Toronto District School Board in Toronto Ontario Canada. She has over 20 years of experience working in education and community development. She works with Boards and community on equity and inclusive schools, community and engagement.
  • Nancy Sands
    • Family Engagement Consultant, education, With Equal Step Consulting , Canada Ontario, Canada