Mathematics Education Innovation

The California State University (CSU) system announced in the summer of 2017 that non-credit bearing remediation will be phased out and replaced with co-requisite approaches. In response to the CSU’s policy change and to improve the success-rate of the entry-level mathematics courses, especially Pre-Calculus for the STEM major students, we develop an innovative model pairs an existing parent course with a one-unit supplemental course to provide a variety of interventions and practices to support students at California State University, Monterey Bay. In this discussion, we will discuss the model, which divides instruction among faculty, teaching assistants, and tutors, that actively moves students from classroom work, to group work, to homework, to exams.

Developmental Math Practice, Pre-Calculus Redesign, Supplemental Instruction, Mathematics Education

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Hongde Hu
    • Department Chair and Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, California State University-Monterey Bay, United States CA, United States
  • Alysia Goyer
    • Lecturer, Math, California State University-Monterey Bay, United States United States