Codex Design Foundations

Literacy is inquiry, criticality, and agency. Experience with code is experience with the material underlying most systems and scenarios in the 21st century. Codex Design Foundations is a pragmatic series of themes and sample reference programs integrating formal design principles and fundamental computer programming concepts. As beginners are learning to manipulate space, shape, color, pattern, sequence, systems, and interaction, they can also be learning coordinates, variables, arrays, incrementation, conditionals, recursion, and encapsulation. Codex Foundations is supportive and inclusive. We want diverse students to feel invited and empowered to go further and apply this computer programming literacy knowledge in creative, strategic, or subversive contexts. The curriculum has been tested in 4 years of first-year college courses and in faculty and community workshops.

Design, Visual Design, Code, Computer Programming

Literacies Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Jessica Parris Westbrook
    • Associate Professor, College of Computing and Digital Media, School of Design, DePaul University, United States United States
  • Adam Trowbridge
    • Assistant Professor, DePaul University, United States United States