Developing Academic Identities in Community Schools

This workshop will explore the development of academic identities in community schools. It will describe different components of effective community schools and how the community is integrated in the life of the school. It will use a case study approach of one school in Chicago. Community schools provide on-going learning for all members of the school community. They provide an alignment of systems that foster a productive, collaborative and culturally responsive culture with high academic growth for all learners. All educational stakeholders including parents and community members accept and follow up with shared accountability standards. This workshop will substantiate effective practices which promote the full participation of the school community in programs and activities. Participants will be engaged in developing a framework for effective community schools by working in small groups and enumerating effective practices for the following indicators: Children are ready to enter school, Students are actively involved in learning and their communities, Families are actively involved in children's education and Students succeed academically. Participants will also develop their own definition of community schools. If time permits, a brief identity activity using emulation poetry to describe yourself in a creative way will be done by each participant.

Academic Identity, Community Schools, Cross-Boundary Leadership

Learner Diversity and Identities

Workshop Presentation

  • Dr. Carlos Azcoitia
    • Professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership, National Louis University, United States Illinois, United States
    • Board Member of the Chicago Board of Education and Chair of Trustees at Northeastern Illinois University. Founding Principal of a comprehensive community school Pre K through High School in the Chicago Public Schools and Distinguished Professor of Practice in Educational Leadership at National-Louis University in Chicago. Former Deputy Chief of Education in the Chicago Public Schools serving over 600 schools. Author of several published articles about Community Schools, Dropout Prevention and Innovative School Models. An involved and committed member of local and national community organizations and recipient of several awards in community leadership.