Transition Services for New College Students with Learning Disabilities

Transition services affect new college students with learning disabilities (Showers & Kingsman, 2017). The academic and social awareness of students with learning disabilities may hinder their college experience during their first year of attendance. Transitional needs of individuals with special needs includes self-advocacy skills training, and career guidance and transition assessment, vocational training, trained transition personnel and transition services Cheong & Yahya, (2013). It is imperative to provide assistance to this population as their transition affects their ability to succeed academically, socially, and psychologically. There are strategies for breaking down the barrier between students with learning disabilities between their nondisabled peers. High school services in the areas of academic preparation and social skills preparation such as interview skills may be in place, yet the specific outcomes of these programs have yet to be determined (DuPaul, Pinho, Pollack, Gormley, & Laracy, 2017).Simply because a high school student with learning disabilities enters college, does not guarantee long-term academic and social success. The transition process would be a collaborative process between the government and non-governmental sector. An effective transitional plan from secondary education to graduation for students with learning disabilities was developed and implemented. This paper addresses the need for greater programs of transition supports that have proven to be successful to students with learning disabilities.

College-bound, Advocacy, Learning Disabilities, Transition Services, High School

Learner Diversity and Identities

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Toby Tomlinson Baker
    • Ph.D. Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University , United States United States
    • As a researcher and doctoral student scholar at Pepperdine University, Baker has 10 years of experience teaching students with learning disabilities. Baker's work focuses on investigating how the perception concerning college students' with learning disabilities can change and be lessened, allowing all students to high quality education. She has presented topics regarding learning disabilities in Guilin, China at an International confrence at Normal University, at IOSSBR and Clute International Conferences.