From Conceptual Framework to Paper-writing Structure

A conceptual framework is a powerful mental imaging and graphic thinking skill; it can function as the kick-start of the writing engine or as the tool for creative thinking and cognitive development. This process extends to the entire paper-writing structure and further relates to the substructure of each paper section. This paper aimed to offer a clear direction on integrating conceptual framework with the paper-writing structure graphically, hierarchically, and subconsciously through workshops. Although the quality improvements of research and publication involve aspects such as time allowance, knowledge and skills, research policy, and research funding, this study mainly focuses on using critical and graphic thinking skills to structuralize the research concepts for in-progress communication and team collaboration among peers. The participants were taught the graphic language of bubble diagrams and how to draw bubbles and build relationships to structure their conceptual ideas. Disregarding the participants’ prior knowledge on how to develop a diagram of a conceptual framework for paper writing, the workshop did have a positive influence on the confidence and ability of developing a conceptual framework. The conceptual framework empowered researchers to think proactively and assist them in planning the scope of the study.

Conceptual Framework, Writing

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Prof. Po Siu Hsu
    • Emeritus Professor, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University, United States OK, United States
    • Po Siu Hsu is interested in Geographic Information System; journal drawings; landscape architecture graphic delineation; Zen garden design; eco lodge resort development; sustainable tourism; sustainability; constructed wetland design; healing garden; and aural landscape architectural design. He has extensive experience in landscape architecture teaching, research, and scholarly development.
  • Dr. Rungnapha Khamung
    • Lecturer, International Hospitality Management and Tourism, Burapha University International College, Thailand Chon Buri, Thailand
    • Rungnapha Khamung is interested in sustainable ecotourism and landscape architecture; eco lodge resort development; cultural heritage and tourism resources conservation; sustainable tourism business development strategies; and sustainability.