Teachers' Views on Modern Methods of Teaching and the Quality of Instruction in Shiraz High Schools

Teaching is an interaction between the teacher, student and the concept; which in the classroom. As the society needs thoughtful and creative people, the necessity to change the teaching methods and to use modern, active methods of teaching is felt. Teaching have to involve the student in thinking activity. Problem solving, creativity and co-operation and scientific thinking skills. Among the modern methods, group works, role-playing, group discussion, co-operation and engage in judgments concerning societal values can be mentioned. This research uses the survey and a questionnaire with 38 questions on Likert scale to examine the teacher’s ideas about the impact of modern methods. And also studies the relation between this factor and sex, major, and the teaching experience.The statistical population of this research is the teachers of Shiraz-Iran high schools. Morgan table is used for sampling discriminant analysis is used for psychoanalytic of the questions. And for the final examination of the questioner, Cronbach’s Alpha test, and for the statistical analysis of that SPSS Software is used. And in the inferential statistic level, T test and one-way variance are used. The results of this research showed that the teachers, have positive viewpoints about the use of the modern teaching methods except engage in judgments concerning societal values .Both male and female teachers have the same view points and there isn’t any significant difference between the education degree and use of modern methods. Also this research confirms the results of the similar researches which were done in and out of Iran.

Learning, Teaching, Curricula

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