The Impact of Lecture Videos in the University of Ghana Distance Eucation Computer Science Courses

This study is considering effects of using lecture videos/VODKAS as supplementary material in delivery teaching and learning for Level 200 Distance Education Computer Science course using Richard Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning as a lens to know that if learning has taken place. The study will involves randomly selection of students enrolled on this course, for a semester. Research has shown that students prefer video lecture that can make them study as efficiently as possible, such as video lecture with explanations of hard topics, illustrations of subject matter and feedback on assignments. Various steps such as research design, instrument of data collection, methods of data collection, and research ethics will be taken into consideration to obtain data for analysis in line with the objective of the study. The study will observe that if students achieved personalised learning through video lecture and as a mediating tool that offered supplementary learning to support face-to-face teaching.

VODKAS, Lecture Videos

Technologies in Learning

Poster/Exhibit Session

  • Yusif Amadu
    • Principal ICT Officer, eLearning, University of Ghana Computing Systems, University of Ghana, Ghana Greater Accra, Ghana