Meaningful Teaching and Learning through Creativity and Reflective Practice

The Australian Curriculum acknowledges the place of inquiry learning and this is emphasised in the new Digital Technologies and Arts Curriculum. Our research has identified that many pre-service and classroom teachers do not possess the skills, knowledge and capacities to effectively teach the outcomes outlined in the Australian Curriculum. This workshop focuses on developing critical and creative thinking skills by uses new and old technologies. Beginning with material exploration supported by a variety of theoretically based reflective approaches to learning. Collaborative creativity is experienced initially through two-dimensional material explorations and then elaborated through an inventive process using third-dimensional materials designed to enhance teachers’ confidence while exposing them to a deeper understanding of the five levels of creativity.

Education, Creativity, Reflection

Adult, Community, and Professional Learning

Workshop Presentation

  • Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen
    • Lecturer, Researcher in Teacher Education Program, Educational Studies, Macquarie University, Australia Australia
    • Bronwen's role as Director of STEAM Ahead Australia and Sustainability Project Officer encourages her to reflect more on the importance of bringing creativity, innovation and reflection into the lives of her students. She regularly presents papers and workshops nationally and internationally. Attending Commonground Learners Research Network and Arts in Society Conferences (2009-2020); UNESCO's INSEA Congress (2014-2020); WERA and AARE Conferences (2009-2020). Bronwen is currently working closely with diverse industry partners to develop customised STEAM Frameworks. She is passionate about transformative education questioning: Why do the Arts continue to be marginalised in Australia?
  • Kathryn Mc Lachlan
    • Academic Director of PACE in Human Sciences, PACE, Macquarie University, Australia Australia