Instructional Materials in Visual Art Teaching in Junior Secondary School of Enugu Education Zone

The study was extent of utilization of computer as an instructional material in visual art teaching in Junior Secondary Schools. Research question and null hypothesis are formulated to guide the study. The design of the study was the descriptive survey. A population of 62 Fine Art teachers in the 31 Secondary School in Enugu Education Zone participated. A structured questionnaire was designed and used as instrument for data collection. The instrument was validated by three experts from Enugu State college of Education, Technical, Enugu. The instrument used was further subjected to a reliability test using Cronbach Alpha statistics. The analysis of the data revealed internal consistencies of 0.94. The data collected using the instrument were collated and analyzed using mean scores and standard deviation. Based on the analysis of the findings, it was revealed that Art teachers effectively utilize computer as an instructional material for teaching drawing/shading, basic design and painting in Junior Secondary Schools. The urban teachers also witness less challenges in the utilization of computing device as an instructional material in teaching painting than the rural teachers, the urban teachers are more experience than the rural teachers in utilization of computing device as an instructional tools in teaching visual art. Based on the above, it is recommended that the government should employ applicants with B.Sc. (Ed.) and B.Ed. Computer Educator to teach the subject in our secondary schools, the school administrators should supervise and monitor teachers to ensure simultaneous demonstration of learning during classroom instruction.

Utilization, Computer, Instructional

Technologies in Learning

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  • Nkiruka Joy Ejim
    • Graphic Technologist (HOD), Fine & Applied Art Education, Enugu State College of Education (Technical), Enugu, Nigeria Nigeria
    • Ms Joy Nkiruka, Ejim from Enugu State, Nigeria. A Graphic Technologist in the Department of Fine & Applied Art Education, School of Vocational Education in Enugu State College of Education (Technical), Enugu (ESCET).A Coordinator of students' Learning activities on Graphics Design, Computer Graphics and Photography from 2010 till date, and also a Supervisor of Student Projects Work, Teaching Practice and Students' Industrial Work Experience (SIWES). Ms Joy had held the post of Chapter PRO to Association of women In Colleges of Education (WICE) from 2014 -2017 and presently as the Secretary of the WICE, ESCET Chapter till date.MsJoy is an associate member of an Advertising Practicioners Of Nigeria (APCON) and Nigerian Association of Technology Teachers (NATT).