The Emerging Adult Learner

There exists in this universe a power that is able to transform non-chalance and apathy into empathy and kindness. In the Correctional landscape, the inmate is effectively is reduced to a number on the correctional roster. They are stripped down, and all their personal possessions are taken away and inmates are issued prison clothing, cell block number and bunk, and a few hygiene items. Movement throughout the institution is regulated to ensure movement of inmates is safe and orderly. Inmates in many institutions have access to educational and vocational programs. AVP is a multicultural non-profit organization that works with prisoners, parolees, correctional officers and the community in recognizing that each individual is valuable. The essence of AVP includes: living our core values; understanding what violence is, how it manifests and applying alternatives to violence; caring for others with honesty and commitment to bringing about peaceful solutions to conflict, while supporting personal growth. AVP Workshop is an intensive, three-day learning experience which teaches interpersonal conflict resolution skills through a series of step-by-step processes. These experiences in small groups and one-to-one interactions build a sense of community and trust through exercises focusing on affirmation, communication, cooperation and creative conflict resolution. Between the years 2006-2017, AVP delivered 8,872 workshops in 123 prisons in the USA. Of these, 484 were in California. This paper will share with the audience the reasons for AVP’s success in making a social difference, and lessons learned from our workshops.

Empathy Conflict Resolution

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Chandrika Kelso
    • Academic Program Director, Professor, Professional Studies, National University, United States CA, United States