Student Support Strategies for a Blended Open Distance Learning Context

The current international debate at faculties of teacher education about introducing and redesigning learning programmes by including supportive structures has emerged as an imperative for self-directed and lifelong learning approaches. It is clear that emancipating and transforming teacher education programmes for a quality education system needs creative and innovative strategies to empower student teachers for the classroom of the future. The purpose is to determine to what extent supportive strategies, could be used to enhance self-directed of student teachers in an open and distance and eLearning context. This study selected a qualitative approach for data collection. A sample of undergraduate and postgraduate student teachers was selected. For the qualitative approach, blog postings, reflective journal entries, e-discussion forums postings and telephonic interviews were used. From the data analysis process, themes emerged, to support students academically.

Student Teachers

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Sarie Van Wyk
    • Research Assitant, Editorial section, Mimosa Education Services, South Africa South Africa