The Challenge of Formative Evaluation in a Brasilian Public High School

The Educational Evaluation Guidelines of the State Department of Education of the Federal District (Brasília-DF) elect the formative evaluation as the one that best signals the students' learning. However, this type of evaluation proves to be a challenge for high school teachers, since in the entrance exams to university the evaluation is classificatory. Formative evaluation, in a nutshell, has as its main goal to evaluate the learning process. Assessing what the students has learned, what they have not yet learned, and what needs to be done for them to learn is more important than the grade itself. Classificatory evaluation is the one that aims to classify students through a grade, which becomes an end in itself. Of course, high school students need to be prepared for the qualifying assessments they will face, both to enter university or the labor market. However, teachers must understand the aim of high school education: to teach, not to classify. This paper discusses ways of evaluating the learning process in high school, without leaving aside the training for entrance exams for university, if this is the students’ aim. Teachers don’t need to exclude the grade or fail to explain to students how these exams work. What makes the evaluation formative feature is not the instrument, but the tripod: clear criteria, diagnosis and intervention to regulate learning.

Evaluation, Formative, Learning

Assessment and Evaluation

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  • Goulart Fonseca
    • Teacher, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
    • I'm Laura Goulart Fonseca, Portuguese teacher with Masters and Doctoate degrees in Literature Theory. I have experience as a teacher in the final series of Elementary School, High school and College. Currently I work at EAPE (Centro de Aperfeiçoamento de Profissionais de Educação - Center for Improvement of Education Professionals) in Brasília, Federal Districit, Brazil, where I teach courses whith focus on multiliteracies, Literature teaching and High School learning aproaches for High School teachers.