Public Speaking in Three Worlds

Focusing on five student learning outcomes that relate to social justice and persuasive speaking, the presenters visually identify and explain how these outcomes are achieved using various technologies in three different learning environments: fully online, blended, and face-to-face. The five outcomes are taken from the National Communication Association’s Learning Outcomes in Communication project. We will articulate and review the success rates of these three three learning environments over the course of a ten-year time span. The five student learning outcomes are the center focal point of the poster. The three “worlds” of learning of today’s first-year university students are defined. The distinction between knowing how to use technology for academic purposes as well as social purposes by our first-year college students is described in terms of crossing the digital divide.

Online Learning, Technology

Technologies in Learning

Poster/Exhibit Session

  • Kimberly Vincent Layton
    • Lead Instructional Designer/Educational Developer, Center for Teaching and Learning, Humboldt State University, United States United States
  • Armeda Reitzel
    • Dr./Professor, Communication, Humboldt State University, United States CA, United States
    • Professor of Communication at Humboldt State University since 1981. American Public Discourse redesign to a fully online course in 2017. Fundamentals of Speech Communication (Public Speaking) redesign to a fully online course in 2015-2016. Member of the National Communication Association's Learning Outcomes in Communication project in 2014-2015. English Language Specialist in Nicaragua in 2012. Fulbright Scholar in Nicaragua in 2010. Outstanding Professor of the Year in 1999.