Applying Transparent Teaching Practices across the Curriculum

This session will focus on efforts to incorporate and assess the Transparency in Teaching and Learning (TILT) framework across several academic disciplines. The TILT project is a nationally award winning educational development project dedicated to fostering student success through the use of transparent teaching practices. Research from the TILT project empirically demonstrates that students, particularly students from historically marginalized backgrounds, are more successful when they have a clear understanding of assignments, the purpose, and criteria for evaluating their work. While beneficial for all students, findings demonstrate that transparent teaching practices are particularly impactful for students from historically marginalized backgrounds. Throughout the focused discussion we will focus on the following: specific methods used to recruit faculty for transparent teaching learning communities and projects and research related to transparent teaching assignments and/or curriculum.

TILT, Transparency, Equity

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Focused Discussion

  • Chera La Forge
    • Adjunct Development Leader, Indiana University East, United States IN, United States
    • I am an associate professor of Political Science at Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana. I am currently the Adjunct Development Leader, but will begin a position as the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science in August. 
  • Stephanie Whitehead
    • Director, Center for Faculty Development, Indiana University East, United States Indiana, United States