Friendship Code

During this presentation, participants will learn how one elementary school started a STEM focus for the entire school of pre-k-fifth grade learners. Attendees will engage in hands-on activities that set the foundation for the entire school. The discussion will also address how special populations such as special education students and our female students have thrived in this environment and the select programs within the school-wide program such as Friendship Code, a coding group for girls, that helped achieve success with our special populations.

STEM, Special Populations

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Freda Hicks
    • Principal/Student, Elementary, Chatham County Schools, United States United States
    • Freda Hicks is currently an elementary school principal and student in the United States. She lead the school's transition to a STEM focused school where the school was a finalist for a national elementary school award a few years after transitioning to STEM. Ms. Hicks is also a student learning more about technology and education in the K-12 arena.