Effect of Drama on Learning Identities and Learning Preferences

During his/her curriculum, a student meets a lot of topics, teachers, contexts. In this communication, we explore how a new learning identity emerges from the interaction between the individual and the learning context, and how learning preferences are affected by this new learning identity. We adopt a systemic view, which allows us to think the learning identity as a whole, formed from multiple specific identities corresponding to each learning context and influencing one another. We present here our research and our preliminary results about the effect of the introduction of drama as a sociocultural activity, in secondary schools, on the emergence of a new learning identity, the evolution of global learning identity, and their effect on learning preferences.

Identity, Learning, Preferences

Learner Diversity and Identities

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Charlotte Sannier BĂ©russeau
    • PhD Candidate, Teaching and Learning Studies, Laval University, Canada Canada
    • PhD Candidate, Laval University, Quebec, Canada - My focus is on learning identity and learning preferences.