Multiculturalism Values and Deradicalism in Islamic Education Subject at Public Universities in Palopo

This study aims to analyze the teaching materials of Islamic Education subject at public universities in Palopo according to multiculturalism and deradicalization perspectives. The study also mapped lecturers of Islamic Education (IE) subject learning strategy at public universities and describing student perception about multiculturalism and deradicalization after learning Islamic Education subject. This research is a qualitative research conducted at three public universities in Palopo. Data collection procedure was conducted through in-depth interviews with a number of Islamic Education subject’s lecturers and students. The collected data were analyzed according to the research focus before the conclusion was taken. The results showed; first, the content of Islamic Education Subject at those universities consists of three main aspects of Islamic teachings including faith (aqidah), law (shariah) and morals (akhlaq). The themes of multiculturalism and deradicalisation are not specifically covered in the lesson plans but described through various face-to-face teaching. Second, the role of lecturers in counteracting radicalism issues are conducted through dialogues with students, discussing radicalism with historical approach and normative approach, and asking students to analyze the negative impact of radical behavior. Third, the students believe that multiculturalism is a necessity but not yet comprehensively comprehended multicultural values. Against radicalism, some students in these three higher education institutions view radicalism as a dangerous attitude. However, most of universities have not understood factors that could trigger radicalism. The implications of this research are to emphasize the importance of revitalizing position of religious subjects especially Islamic education subject at public universites.

Multiculturalism, Deradicalism, Islam

Learning in Higher Education

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