Technology Integration with Literature

Technology is highly promoted in educational settings, but the blanket use of technology without a proper understanding of the variety of available tools and having a specific goal is imperative if one wants to have maximum effectiveness during instruction. Attendees will learn how to decide if the technology is an appropriate tool, which tool is most effective, and how to make every assignment an authentic expression of real literacy. Attendees will see how the expert management of technology will motivate performance and increase parental and community buy-in.

Technology, Literacy, Authenticity

Literacies Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Christy Velasquez
    • Teacher, Chatham County Public School Systems, United States United States
    • I am a 16 year teacher with a focus on elementary grades. I have successfully piloted a completely paperless community within my 3rd grade class. My main focuses as an educator are academic growth, emotional growth, and the development of school leaders through the use of accountability expectations and awareness of how people of all backgrounds live.