Media is Language

Video (or film) production has been around for a long time but not in the way that it is today. Now, virtually everyone everywhere can access a recording device and upload to the Internet. However, the actual process of production is a language all its own with literacy that needs to be taught in order to understand its uses properly. We are a world of mass social media and visual communication. Knowing the skills of video production is just as essential today as learning to use a computer was to the last generation, and learning to type was for the generation before that. Video media is the universal language of the future and the future is now. This development of this language should be included at all levels of education.

Language Literacy Technology

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Carrie Specht
    • Assistant Professor of Film and Television, La Sierra University, United States California, United States
    • Carrie Specht is a film industry professional with more than eighteen years experience. She's worked nearly every technical position from Sound to Electric but spent most of her career as a Second Assistant Director before becoming an Assistant Professor of Film and┬áTelevision at La Sierra University. She completed the Director's Guild of America Trainee Program in 2002 after working as an Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator and Production Manager. Her MFA is from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and her undergraduate degree is from San Francisco State, where she interned with screenwriter and Oscar nominee, Richard Boyle (Salvador). She has produced more than a dozen short films, many receiving awards including a Gold Student Academy Award, and the Best Drama of the New York Short Film Festival. The short film she directed, Pearblossom Hwy was hailed as Best Comedy at the 2006 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, and garnered her a top ten finalist slot for the ABC/Disney, DGA Directing Fellowship Programthe same year. Carrie is also a classic film commentator for,, and her own sites, and She has consulted on many independent projects ranging from photo identification, historical productions, and theme restaurants. Currently she is developing a book to benefit the Motion Picture Television Fund Retirement Community.