Every School Can Succeed

Schools are facing incredible challenges. There is a growing and urgent need for schools to bend constructs to engage students in the learning process differently. Students want schools to be centers of inspiration, personalized to their needs, goals, and aspirations. The time for educating to the masses, using cookie-cutter approaches to educating students, is effectively over. Change is not easy, neither is creating a culture based on a collaborative, shared decision-making process. This workshop will take educators on the eight step school transformation process, demonstrating the needs at each juncture. The eight steps listed in order are as follows: vision, journey, buy-in, engagement, change, capacity, execution, and sustainability. This presentation will engage participants in each step of the process, giving them the opportunity to use templates to design, plan, and articulate specific needs for their individual school at each step. Participants will be able to engage one another in each step based on their experience, research, and best practices. Additionally, participants will be able to take away specific questions from the presenter for each of the transformative steps for their own organization to engage stakeholders in the school transformation process. Finally, the presenter will present actual events, conversations, and actions that enabled dynamic and comprehensive school transformation at two different schools (primary and secondary) demonstrating that change is capable of occurring at any type of school regardless of socio-economic status, parent engagement, level, and teacher experience.

Transformation Reform Leadership

Educational Organization and Leadership

Workshop Presentation

  • David Franklin
    • Professor , Teacher Education , National University , United States California, United States
    • https://principalsdesk.org/about/