Learning and Teaching Differences between English and Bangla Medium Students

This research focused on the education system of Bangladesh. The native language of Bangladesh is Bangla but a developing country can’t only rely on their first language for their development. The research paper focused on the learning and teaching procedures of Bangla and English medium students and it will also explain the factors that are responsible for poor English language competence among certain students at Bangladesh. The problem of Bangladeshi education system began after the liberation war of 1971. Before 1971, the schools in Bangladesh were in English version that means all the text books were in English language and teachers used to teach in English. After liberation war the schools of Bangladesh became Bangla medium which means all the text books are in Bangla and the teaching is in Bangla language. So, the students who study in Bangla medium schools aren’t able to develop their English language competence and they often get rejected for higher education studies in American and European universities. The research explained the factors and issues in Bangla and English medium schools. The research included two types of data. In primary data, A survey have been conducted among 40 students. Other reference data quoted from TESOL books, online papers and articles. The result focused on the teaching problems, learning difficulties and textual advancement of Bangladesh that will solve the problems regarding learning and teaching in Bangladesh.

Teaching, Learning, Language

Learning in Higher Education

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