Dear Future Student

This paper focuses on the use of letter-writing in the university classroom. Research was conducted by gathering data from advice letters written by students in two University of Guam Freshman Composition classes. Students were tasked at the end of the semester to write letters addressed to future students, giving them advice on how to succeed in the course. A content analysis of the letters revealed various tips and recommendations that covered academic, social, and personal concerns. A discussion on the implications of the activity on the student writers is included, as well as insight into how the letters can be used by instructors as a means to reflect upon and improve their teaching performance and classroom management.

Evaluation Letter-writing Composition

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Ms. Verna Zafra-Kasala
    • Verna Zafra-Kasala is a resident of Guam. Her research interests include women and gender issues, rhetoric and composition, poetry, and semiotics. She is currently an instructor with the University of Guam's College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, teaching entry level composition and Critical Thinking courses.