Learning Styles and Method of Teaching on Student's Satisfaction

This research takes interest in the effects that is observed between learner’s satisfaction with various learning strategies and learners’ own preferred learning style. Student’s learning style as a data were assessed through the K-12 English learning strategies against a user interface satisfaction questionnaire. A sample of 100-150 respondent were obtained in this study which was classified in to teacher centered instruction group and students centered instruction group. İt was observed from the descriptive analysis that, divergence learning style appeared to be a predictor variable which predicts the user satisfaction with the student-centered instruction and respondents in the student-centered instruction perceiving higher user satisfaction that their counter parts who receive teacher-center instruction approach. This relation between the students’ satisfaction and learning style provides a great insight for learning and educators in general. We could then infer that, students-centered instructions approach is an effective teaching and learning strategy which has a great influence on the students learning style.

K-12 English Learning

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session