Is Advocacy Changing the Media Narrative for People Living with Dementia?

By analysing a sample of proactive and reactive media content, this paper aims to discover if advocating on behalf of people living with dementia is changing the narrative of the media discourse in Australia. This research is achieved by conducting a content analysis of Australian newspaper articles, radio and television content over a 14 day period in articles with no involvement from the national peak body, Dementia Australia, are compared against those media articles that were written with involvement by Dementia Australia, and whether this has impacted upon the framing of the media content.

Australia, Dementia, Framing, Identity, Media, Health, Communication, Discrimination

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Dr. Fiona Wade
    • University of New South Wales Canberra, Australia Australia
    • Media professional with for over two decades and has worked as a poltical adviser to both Liberal and Labor politicians and am now a lobbyist. I am a visiting fellow with the UNSW and an adjunct lecturer at CSU.