The E’s in Research - Expertise and E-Delphi

By: Samantha Neylon  

Due to fiscal and resource limitations, it may be prudent for residential aged care providers to refurbish facilities rather than undertake new builds. Several minor refurbishment elements have positive impacts on resident functionality and these were examined in four environmental assessment tools. Views on all nominated tools from experts were sought to enable local stakeholders identify a single tool to pilot in the context of minor refurbishments. A two round adapted e-Delphi survey was completed by international experts in aged care design and environments across a variety of disciplines. Their comments and evaluations on the content and applicability of the four tools were gathered. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics and content analysis. The four tools were subsequently ranked using a weighting system. A purposive sample of eighteen experts from eight countries participated. When reviewing the tools, the experts concurred in the themes of tool thoroughness, cultural specificity, accessibility, ease of use and time taken to complete. They presented a range of advantages and challenges for each tool. Residential Aged Care Audit Tool followed by Evaluation of Older People’s Living Environments was ranked as the top two tools. The use of e-Delphi enabled a broad range of international expertise to provide perspectives and hierarchical presentation of four assessment tools. These findings will enable local stakeholders to determine a single tool to pilot at a residential aged care facility undertaking minor refurbishments. Similar adapted e-Delphi process may be useful for other areas seeking more informed local stakeholder decision making.

Diversity, Age-friendly design, Engagement
Public Policy and Public Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Samantha Neylon

Clinical Director, Management Team, DeFiddes Design and Gary Batt Architects, Australia
Western Australia, Australia

With a clinical background in Occupational Therapy, Sam has worked in service development, provision, management and clinical domains in the aged care and disability sectors for over twenty years. Sam has expertise in residential living environments, healthcare equipment and furniture (including prototype development), developing and implementing therapy clinics and corporate service programs in addition to consultancy, projects, stakeholder engagement, procurement and evaluations. More recently she has added research to her portfolio with a PhD candidacy in residential aged care environments. Sam loves challenges, lateral thinking, innovations, working with people, making a difference, her family (which includes two pampered poochies!), travel and different cultures.