Acute Weight Training-Induced Testosterone Responses of Males Across Age Groups and Diets

By: Ciara Angeli Juan  

Testosterone has been associated with health. However, it is also known to decrease with age. The rise of these age-related, non-communicable diseases affects economic growth. To develop natural, safe, and sustainable fitness and nutrition programs to keep the aging population healthy and fully functional, the present study explored exercise, diet, and age as possible factors affecting hormonal levels and responses. Twelve recreationally trained men from different age groups (20s to 70s) and diets (vegans and meat eaters) completed a 30-minute weight training protocol. Blood samples were taken before and after exercise to determine exercise-induced changes in total testosterone (TT) levels. Additional hormonal tests for cortisol (C) and testosterone-cortisol ratio (T/C) were conducted for outliers to guide future research. Pretest-posttest analysis showed a statistically significant increase in TT within subjects; t(11)=-3.842, p=0.003. Younger men (35 years old and below) had a significantly greater increase in TT compared to older men (40 years old and above); X²(1)=4.121, p=0.042. Age was negatively correlated with TT increase (r=-0.622, p=0.031). In conclusion, a single session of 30-minute, moderate intensity, high-volume leg exercise can significantly increase blood serum TT in men across age groups. Younger men tend to show greater increases in TT compared to older men.

Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
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Ciara Angeli Juan

College of Human Kinetics, Graduate Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman

Ciara Angeli Juan is currently a graduate student of MS Human Movement Science major in Exercise Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Human Kinetics. She also graduated magna cum laude from the same university with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and is now specializing in Sport Physiology and Psychology. She has almost five years of experience in the sports and fitness industry as a strength and conditioning coach and natural bodybuilder.