Thermal Comfort of Elderly in Thailand

The weather in Thailand is hot and humid which high temperature and humidity affects to the thermal comfort of elderly. Therefore, this study aimed to choose and design the material of the wall that can enhanced thermal comfort for the elderly in their house. The research methodology was experiment by monitoring air temperature, air velocity ,and material surface temperature of two houses model size 0.6x0.8x1.20 m. using different wall materials between Single Glass Window(SGW) size 0.6x1.10 m, thickness 6 mm. and Translucent Double wall block with Solar Chimney System (TDWB) that researcher designed, size 200x200x80 cm., thickness (3 inches) under natural weather. Recording every 15 minutes during day (6.00 - 18.00 hrs.) over three days. The tools consisted of thermal detector, illuminance detector, and air flow rate detector. Record data with micro controller name Arduino and analyze by simulation sample model. It was found that, TDWB test results have average temperature inside the house model is lower than the SGW. The range of temperature in the house of TDWB was suitable for the elderly thermal comfort in Thailand that prefer the warmer temperature between 26-28°C. In sum, it should be use the TDWB design with solar chimney to enhance thermal comfort in the house of the elderly.

Thermal Performance, Thermal Comfort, Elderly, Translucent Double wall block, Solar Chimney system

Public Policy and Public Perspectives on Aging

Poster Session

  • Pabhorn Klinwichit
    • Master's student, Faculty of Architecture and Design, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
    • Graduated with a first class of honor degree of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture and Design. Now I am studying Master degree of Architecture (Innovation and Design for sustainability) at King Mongkul's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB).