The Impact of Multi-disciplinary Primary Care within the MedVantage Clinic on Hospice Enrollment at Death in High-risk Geriatric Patients

By: Richard Li   Kathy Jo Carstarphen   Laura Pappas   Didi Ikeji  

The United States spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country (care of chronic diseases, disability, and end-of-life (EOL) care in the hospital are large portions of this). Most of the Medicare costs within the last year of life result from intensive life-sustaining care. Although most Americans prefer to die at home, over 20% of deaths take place in the hospital. This study aims to examine the effect of a multidisciplinary primary care team on rates of patient enrollment in hospice care, as well as patient location, at the time of death. Comparison between the percentage of MedVantage patients enrolled in hospice at time of death before vs after initiation of mobile NPs and to compare MedVantage data to national Medicare data. Determination of patient location at time of death including home. Hospice enrollment at death for the MedVantage clinic (n=51) and Medicare patients nationally was 70.6% and 48% respectively. Enrollment rates at death with Palliative Care NPs rose from 58% to 78%. 94.6% of MedVantage patients enrolled in hospice at time of death died in their homes. Early discussions of care with homebound patients leads to realistic goals of care congruent with the patient’s QOL. This is achieved with a multidisciplinary team, collaboration between PCPs, advanced practice providers, and healthcare provider team. Expansion of these services within a large hospital system may create sustainable use of Medicare funds, optimization of physician efforts, and improve family satisfaction with EOL care.

Medical Perspectives, Physical Wellbeing, End of Life Care, Hospice, Home-Health
Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
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Richard Li

Head Patient Care Coordinator and Clinical Research Intern, MedVantage Clinic, Ochsner Health System, United States
United States

Kathy Jo Carstarphen

Internal Medicine Physician, MedVantage Clinic, Ochsner Health System

Laura Pappas

Patient Care Coordinator and Clinical Research Intern, Tulane University, United States
United States

Didi Ikeji

Patient Care Coordinator and Clinical Research Intern, Tulane University, United States
United States