The Effects of Perceived Available Support, Physical Activity, and Loneliness on Successful Aging in Turkish Older Adults

By: Oya Hazer   Fahri Ozsungur  

The aim of the study is to explore the mediating role of loneliness of the elderly by revealing the effects of perceived available support and physical activity on successful aging. This study was conducted with 500 participants aged 60 and over selected from Çankaya and Altındağ districts of the province of Ankara in Turkey by simple random sampling method. The research was analyzed by the structural equation modeling method on the basis of the successful aging theory. Findings reveal that perceived available support is negatively associated with loneliness of the elderly and was positively associated with successful aging. Physical activity and loneliness of the elderly are positively associated with successful aging. According to another finding, loneliness of the elderly mediated the effect of perceived available support on successful aging. Theoretical background, discussion, managerial implications, limitations and recommendations for future studies are discussed.

Successful Aging, Loneliness, Perceived Available Support, Physical Activity
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Prof. Oya Hazer

Prof., Family and Consumer Sciences, Hacettepe University

Dr. Oya Hazer is an Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at Hacettepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. She teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of ergonomics and aging. Dr. Hazer’s research interests include household equipment and ergonomics, housing storage and ergonomics, and ergonomics in the home. She has published in a variety of journals and congress. Some of them are:- Hazer, O., “Household Equipment. An Ergonomics Approach for Handicapped People”, I. International Care Congress, 02-08 May, Istanbul, 2005- Hazer, O., S.S., Erel, “The Determination of The Design Needs of Housing Storage Areas by an Ergonomics Approach”, Standart Ekonomik ve Teknik Dergi, 38:452; 55-63, (1999).- Hazer, O., “The Importance of Ergonomics in the Home”, Tüketici Bülteni (Consumer Bulletin), yıl: 11, sayı: 132, Temmuz, 1999- Hazer, O., “Ergonomics Design of Household Equipment”, Tüketici Bülteni (Consumer Bulletin), yıl: 11, sayı: 132, Temmuz, 1999- Hazer, O., “Household Equipment. An Ergonomics Approach for Elderly People”. Second International Aging Congress, 299-304, 9-12 Nisan, Denizli, 2003.- Terzioğlu, G., S. Güven, O. Hazer, H. Öztop, A. Şener, “Social and Economic Life in Old Age”, the Facts about Elderly. A Study on Health Conditions, Physical Activities and Social Lives of Individuals Over 65 Years of Age, ed. J. Troesi and Y.G. Kutsal, International Institution Aging with support of Hacettepe University Scientific Research Unit, 2004.- Hazer, O., V. Kılınç, "Study on technology usage of Elderly in Daily Living", III. Aging Congress, 16-19 Kasım, İzmir, 2005

Dr. Fahri Ozsungur

Phd, Family and Consumer Sciences, Hacettepe University, Turkey
Adana, Turkey

Family and Consumer Sciences PhD., Business PhD., lawyer, affiliated to European Gateway for Women's Entrepreneurship, Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise, Rotary International, trade registry deputy manager.