Diversity in Active Ageing

We take Active Ageing Index (AAI) as a basis to estimate physical activity and social participation for Russian elders in order to identify domains and indicators which provide independence, happiness, and life satisfaction and thus affect individual wellbeing and longevity. Estimations of the AAI for Russian regions are based on the following data sources: Round 8 of European Social Survey (2016) and annual data from Federal State Statistic Service (Russia). We calculate the AAI 2016 at national (Russian Federation) and subnational (Russian Federal Districts) levels to compare the results of AAI estimation, made for 2012. We found the changes in all domains of AAI in Russia and in Federal districts. We also found correlation between AAI and happiness, AAI and loneliness, AAI and life satisfaction for older adults in Russia. The results show that active ageing interventions could be beneficial to improve life satisfaction and happiness and to combat loneliness while the share of aged people in Russian population is continuously growing, demonstrating the same trend as in European Union.

Older people, Russia, Active Ageing Index

Economic and Demographic Perspectives on Aging

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Elena Frolova
    • Professor, Economics, Tomsk State University
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