Do Informational Nudges Alter Firms’ Hiring Behavior of Older Workers?

By: Julia Lang  

This paper analyses a local marketing campaign that provided information about non-proven age related stereotypes and the value of older workers in Germany. The campaign was designed to increase the hiring rate of older workers. Using comprehensive register data, we find that the information provided by the campaign (via banners, interviews, job fairs and information brochures) did change firms’ employment behavior. The cheap and mild intervention increased the employment rate of older workers on average by 3 percentage points. This increase, however, refers rather to an increase in job stability than an increase in the hiring of older workers.

Unemployment, Nudge, Information, Older workers, Stereotypes, Difference-in-differences
Public Policy and Public Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Julia Lang

Researcher, Active Labour Market Policies and Integration, Institute for Employment Research, Germany