Exploring the Feasibility of the Adapted Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise Programme

By: Sasiporn Ounjaichon  

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in older Thai adults. There is a need to develop a fall prevention exercise programme to encourage participation and adherence. The adapted Lifestyle-integrated Functional Exercise (aLiFE) programme may be suitable by integrating exercise into daily routines as opposed to attending an exercise class. This study aimed to explore the acceptability and feasibility of the aLiFE programme in older Thai adults and identify if modifications are necessary for this population. Qualitative methods were used to conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews with older adults and semi-structured interviews with stakeholders. Thematic analyses using Framework Approach were conducted. Findings of forty community-dwelling older adults and fourteen stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals) revealed positive views and identified four themes including: (a) individual factors, (b) perceptions of aLiFE, (c) recommendations for implementing aLiFE in Thailand, and (d) motivation. Older participants expressed interest in performing aLiFE in their daily activities, although some activities may need to be modified to fit the Thai cultural context. Stakeholders were concerned about how to motivate older Thai adults to adhere to aLiFE. Healthcare professionals and family members could play a major role to support older adults in uptake of aLiFE. Benefits (e.g. independence and fall prevention) may motivate older adults to engage in aLiFE. The aLiFE programme should be feasible and acceptable among older Thai adults. The aLiFE programme has been appropriately modified to be ‘Thai LiFE (TLiFE)’. A feasibility randomised controlled trial of the TLiFE programme has been conducted in older Thai adults.

Older adults; Exercise; Falls; Fall prevention
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
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Sasiporn Ounjaichon

PhD Student, School of Health Sciences, The University of Manchester, UK

My research interests are healthy ageing, ageing care and fall prevention. Recently, I've been studying PhD in Nursing at The University of Manchester and developing a fall prevention exercise programme for older adults in Thailand. After completing my PhD study, I will work as a nursing instructor at the Royal Thai Army Nursing College.