Developing an ICT-based System to Support Care-dependent Older Persons to Continue to Live in Their Own Homes

By: Kazutoshi Furukawa  

As part of the development of a system to support care-dependent older persons to continue to live in their own homes using ICT for real-time monitoring, we evaluated the user interface of a developed web system, covering the ease of manipulating tablet terminals. We asked four older persons living at home to use the web system for four weeks, and examined their impressions through a questionnaire survey. We also interviewed three facility staff members in charge to collect their opinions regarding the system. The ease of manipulating tablet terminals and contents of data output were generally satisfactory, but the data entry method had yet to be improved. In future studies, we will modify the prototype of this system, mainly improving the data entry method.

ICT, Care-dependent Older Persons, Continuing to Live in the Home, Web system, Functional Recovery Care
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Poster Session

Kazutoshi Furukawa

Professor, Department of Human Care and Support, Faculty of Human Life Design, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan, Japan
Shizuoka, Kita-ku, Japan