An Exploratory Study of Knowledge and Attitude of Friendliness Towards Dementia Among Adults

By: Chiayu Chang   Hui-Chuan Hsu  

The purpose of this study is to explore the knowledge and the attitude of friendliness towards dementia and related factors among the adults in Taiwan. A cross-sectional online survey with purposive sampling was used in 2018. The sample consisted of two parts: One was collected from the adults who used the health care center services in four district health centers; the other sample was from the senior students in the elderly care related departments in two universities. The users filled the online survey through smart phones, tablets, or computers. Knowledge was measured by Taiwanese version DKAS scale. Attitude toward dementia was measured by four levels of interaction with dementia patient. In total 488 persons completed the questionnaire. Regression analysis and text mining was used for analysis. The participants who were female, higher educated, healthcare-related background, having health conditions, no family/friends having dementia, and having experience in taking care of dementia patient had more knowledge about dementia. The participants who did not have family/friends morbid of dementia, having experience in taking care of dementia patients, and having higher dementia knowledge, were more likely to have more friendly attitude toward dementia. The associative words to dementia were more negative than positive or neutral. Better knowledge and care experience around dementia may increase the friendly attitude, but the interaction experience with dementia patients was not necessarily positive. Dementia literacy is suggested to be increased for the public to build up a more dementia friendly community.

Dementia, Dementia friendly community, Older adults, Health literacy, Discrimination
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Chiayu Chang

Doctoral student, Department of Healthcare Administration, Asia University

Hui-Chuan Hsu

Asia University

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