Dignity Living for Hong Kong Elderly

By: Ching Yee Chow  

Elderly are our treasure! - is supposed to be one of the core cultures of our society in Hong Kong (HK). However, the issues of HK elderly are unexpected in this century. What is happening with our aged in HK society? A group of HK elderly have been face-to-face connected in 2017-18 with social work students (studying social gerontology). Research findings include insights on the actual living conditions of HK elders. Their consideration of dignity living are shared. Other than that, more findings on how the aged in responding to the aging population phenomena, that has been strongly highlighted in the context of HK society are highlighted.

Living Dignity
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Ching Yee Chow

Lecturer , School of Social Science, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, China

Amanda now is the lecturer of CIHE; her concerns on the wills of HK Elders hand been putting actions since she graduated at the University of Hong Kong in 2002, and she completed her degree in Canada, 1996. In these 17 years, she had worked at the community care sevices for the aged as a registered social worker and a credited long-term care assessor; in 2005, she recieved an "Outstanding Social Worker Award". Since 2008, she shifted to social work education; she had taught in different institutions as a lectuer and the fieldwork supervision. She has been carrying on her actions with different parties in responding to the growth of Aging Population.