Does Gender Influence the Quality of Life among Elderly in a Rural Community in Thailand?

By: Korravarn Yodmai  

Quality of life for the elderly is an issue of public health concern. Previously, several studies used WHOQOL-BREF measurement to determine QOL in Elderly and they found that gender differences related with their QOL level. Currently, we used a new measurement (WHOQOL-OLD measurement). Limitation of study tested the QOL level in gender difference by using a WHOQOL-OLD tool. This study aims to investigated the QOL level in gender difference, and explore the factors associated with QOL in gender difference. Two settings (Northern and Center regions in Thailand) are included between 2012-2015. Multivariate analysis exploring the factors related with the quality of life and gender difference. The results show that no statistical significance was found the associated between gender and quality of life in aging by using WHOQOL-OLD. Therefore, this study found that factors associated with a good quality of life in male were an aged < 75 years and sufficient income. With female, factors association with a good quality of life were aged < 80 years, sufficient income, have a family member ≥ 2 persons, and have no history of insomnia. Our study indicates that no association between gender and the quality of life in aging which was measured by the WHOQOL-OLD questionnaire.

Quality of Life, Elderly, Gender Difference, Rural Community, WHOQOL-OLD measurement
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
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Korravarn Yodmai

Lecturer, Family Health, Mahidol University, Thailand

Current position: PhD candiadate of Public Health Science Worke Experince:Reproductive and Child Health – Community Health Education (RCH-CHE) assistant coordinator at America Refugee Committee (ARC) international organization in Thailand. Education: BNS at St. Louise college, Thailand, MSc of Reproductive health and Population planning at Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University in Thailand, PhD of Public Health in major of Community and Reproductive health (on Process) at College of Public Health Science, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and Interests on social network toward behaviour change among elderly in the community. Research on The effect of home-based lifestyle intervention to improve quality of Life among Elderly in rural of Khonkean province, Thailand (on process of intervention)