Figuring It Out

By: Jayme Tauzer  

Age is a vital, yet vastly under-explored and unacknowledged, element of material-discursive performances of gender and sexuality. This project engages with narratives of embodiment to extend current understandings of performativity and representation along the life course. In this project, I analyse narratives and reflections on the process of representation and bodied awareness provided by older women who pose for figure drawing sessions, thus yielding an intersubjective space in which participants both perform their embodied selves and reflect upon others’ interpretations. Using a Baradian understanding of the body as agential, this project aims to understand the performative nature of aging in understanding and discussing one’s corporeal identity.

Gender Performativity, Aging Bodies, Narrative, Embodiment
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Poster Session

Jayme Tauzer

Clinical Researcher, Clinical Research, Evidation Health, Inc. , United States
United States