The Age of Woman

My research demonstrates that the social norms and expectations projected on a Muslim woman change as she goes through different rites of passage. My argument is that the examination of the category of woman through the two slippery categories of sexualized and non-sexualized woman shows that the non-sexualized (or old woman) stands outside of the gendered hierarchy which allows her to bypass the gendered norms and restrictions. My research aims to develop an analytical language for thinking about the construction of the categories of woman and female old age that further our understanding of gender history in Central Asian societies.

Female old age, Gender Norms, Hierarchy

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging

Focused Discussion

  • Aziza Shanazarova
    • Lecturer, Global Studies, Stanford University, United States United States
    • At present, I hopd the position of a lecturer at Stanford University. In the meantime, I am completig my PhD at Indiana University. My dissertation is a study of gender history with a special interest in female old age.