Knowledge and Health Care Behaviors among the Elderly People with Type 2 Diabetes in Thailand

By: Pitoon Vutiso   Sipapa Pummarak   Ananya Laloon  

This research is based on a survey study. The purpose of the study was to acquire knowledge about diabetes and health care behaviors of type 2 diabetic patients in Naphai Subdistric Health Promotion Hospital, Chaiyaphum Province. The Subjects were 147 individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - patients who were registered at Naphai Subdistric Health Promotion Hospital. The research instrument was a self-report questionnaire asking about personal data, knowledge, and health care behaviors of type 2 diabetic patients. Data were analyzed using percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The study indicated that most of the participants were female (67.6%) and age between 60 - 69 years old (52.10%). Knowledge score was good and health care behaviors score was moderate level. We conclude that diabetes knowledge is an important factor associated with self-care behaviors among person with diabetes.

Health care behavior, Elderly, Type 2 diabetes
Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
Poster Session

Pitoon Vutiso

Dean, Faculty of Nursing, Chaiyapoom Rajabhat University

Sipapa Pummarak

instructor, College of Nursing, Piboonsongkram University, Thailand

Ananya Laloon

Instructor, Chaiyapoom Rajabhat University