Risk Factors of Falling among Elderly People in Thailand

By: Sipapa Pummarak   Ananya Laloon   Pitoon Vutiso  

Thailand is the country where a large numbers of elderly people live in rural areas. Falls are very dangerous for elderly people. Fall-related injuries are a serious public health issue. Falls among the elderly group are related to many factors such as physiological and psychological change, the experience of falling, multiple medications use, and environmental hazards. Identifying falls risk factors is the first step to plan for preventing falls among the elderly. This study assesses risk factors of falling among elderly people in Na-fail Sub-district, Maung district, Chaiyapoom Province. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 110 elderly aged 60 -90 years from Na-for Sub-district, Maung district, Chaiyapoom Province. A structured questionnaire was used to collect socio-demographic data and risk factors of falling. The findings revealed that 60% of the participants were female, aged range 60-90 years (mean = 70, SD 3.62). The participants who had falls experience were 27.27% (n= 30). Most of them completed primary school (92.72%, n = 102). The time of previous falling was daytime (8 am – 3 pm) (43.33%) and evening time (4 pm - 7 pm) (43.33%). Seventy percent reported that the elderly had fallen in their home. Home environment is an important factor related to falls among the elderly people. Home modification might be a chosen method to prevent falls among the elderly.

Elderly, Faiis, Risk factors
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Poster Session

Sipapa Pummarak

instructor, College of Nursing, Piboonsongkram University, Thailand

Ananya Laloon

Instructor, Chaiyapoom Rajabhat University

Pitoon Vutiso