Participatory Action Research of the Community on Sufficiency Health and Quality of Life in the Eastern Region of Thailand

By: Wethaka Klinwichit   Pisit Piriyapun  

Participatory Action Research methods for developing community sufficiency health and Quality of Life (QOL) in elderly model had three study phases; 1) Survey elderly health and QOL situation 2) Develop model and 3) Evaluate model. 384 samples (50 elders: 334 caregivers) from 9,722 elders and 64,125 caregivers population in three provinces in eastern of Thailand. Instruments were WHOQOL–BREF and self-care assessment in elderly, self-perception of elderly health status, health problems and assessment ability to elderly care in caregivers. Statistics were employed frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. It revealed that; the elder’s QOL was at moderate level (44%), physical health, psychological and social relationships domain were moderate at 54%, 56% and 54%. Environment domain was good (76%). Self-care potential of the elderly was quite good, but nutrition and exercise behavior still was not appropriate. Caregivers’ perception of elderly health status was in moderate level. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and rheumatoid arthritis were present in the elderly. Assessment ability to elderly care in caregivers was in moderate level. Development of QOL sufficiency model for elderly used the idea of "home", as the gable of home is the knowledge and moral merit. The elderly living in a home composed of the body, mind, and spirit surrounded of good society and friendly environment. The elderly and caregivers had the highest level opinion of using the QOL sufficiency model. To summarize, QOL in elderly should be a concern for a warm home to create an aging society with love, care, and sharing.

Quality of life, Community health, Elderly, Participatory Action Research, Healthcare
Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
Poster Session

Dr. Wethaka Klinwichit

Assistant Dean of Administration, Faculty of Medicine, Burapha University

Wethaka Klinwichit, Ph.D. EDUCATION Burapha University. Assistant Dean of Administration, Faculty of Medicine, Burapha University.

Dr. Pisit Piriyapun

Burapha University