A Preliminary Exploration of the Use of Emoto in Groupwork of Male Carers

By: Johnson Chun Sing Cheung  

The paper examines the use of a new intervention approach “Emoto” (i.e. Emotion + Photo) for male carers to express their emotions in light of the heavy burden in taking care of their elderly family members. Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre and Felix So Photography Alumni Association co-organized a one-year “Emoto” project for male carers from May 2018. The principal investigator served as the consultant of the project and carried out a preliminary exploration of this new intervention approach. The project aims to respond to the growing psychological burden of male carers in the community and inform practitioners and the general public about the need of carers. Our team performed a literature review and case studies to explore this topic. The result facilitated opportunities for further action research and program evaluation.

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Johnson Chun Sing Cheung

Lecturer, Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong