Employing Photovoice with Elders in the Community

By: Anna Tresidder  

Photovoice is a qualitative participatory research method that facilitates participants to record their everyday context and environmental realities. Utilizing photography is gaining popularity as a way to improve the understanding of how environments effect health and well-being. Photovoice research with elders has unique challenges, but tell a story that cannot be accessed in any other way. Photovoice is an innovative approach to understanding elder perceptions of their environments, and engage others in the triumphs and challenges of aging in place. The photos as qualitative data enlighten researchers, policy-makers, and welfare administrations to practical strategies for investment and program improvement. Applying photovoice techniques can enhance the understanding of social and cultural experiences from a first person point-of-view, lending greater legitimacy to the data collected. This workshop will describe how to set up a photovoice project, discuss ethics issues and consent procedures, and demonstrate how to use the photos to bring about social change. It will also highlight how to conduct training for participants, approaches for establishing community buy-in and how to navigate logistical challenges.

Qualitative research, Photography, Storytelling, Aging in place
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Workshop Presentation

Dr. Anna Tresidder

Director, Research and Evaluation , Community Ecology Consulting, United States
WA, United States