Fit Fellas Program

By: Helena B Viana  

The purpose of this research was to publish, as a legacy, the history of the physical activity program for older men that was implemented in North Vancouver, Canada, called FIT-FELLAS. To do this, an open interview was held with one of the pioneers and current program coordinator, who has already drawn the attention of the University of British Columbia to carry out some research on how this program is maintained with so many elderly people for so many years. A questionnaire was also applied online with seniors participating in the program through the Google forms platform. The use of the technology made it possible to collect data with this community, who preferred to receive by e-mail the link that directed the questionnaire, to respond calmly from their homes. The results showed that the program has a great importance in the life of these men and have promoted the increase of their quality of life.

Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dr. Helena B Viana


I have graduation in physical education at State University of Campinas in 1989. I got my master degree in physical education at State University of Campinas in 2003. Im my PhD course I studied the theme of sexuality in old age, and I did a validation study for the culturally ASKAS SCALE for use in Brazilian culture. In this phase I spent 4 months in Simon Fraser University, at Vancouver, Canada, where I attended the discipline "health promotion in aging" and had as advisor international prof. dr. Andrew Wister, Gerontology Department Director. Currently I am coordinating extension of university college of adventist hortolandia, coordinator college adventist of the third age and coordinator of age happy design, physical activities with elderly. I am also professor holder of physical education course in the same institution.