Political Involvement of Older Same-Sex Couples in Scotland

By: Dora Jandric  

This paper is part of a doctoral project that explores how older same-sex couples in Scotland imagine their future. The paper explores the past and present political engagement of older same-sex couples in Scotland. As a generation that grew up during the time when homosexuality was illegal in Scotland (up until 1980), the couples in this research spent their youth advocating for LGBT rights and equality. Now in their 60s and 70s, these couples are still politically active and engaged in various campaigns, hoping their involvement will make life better for future generations. Through joint semi-structured interviews and written diaries, the couples talk about their responsibility for younger generations and the importance of fighting for equality and human rights. Through their political activism they are also dismantling the stereotypes around political participation of older people, who are often perceived as conservative and holding old-fashioned beliefs that do not benefit the younger generations. This study explores the motivation behind their political involvement and focuses on the importance of the life-course approach in this topic in particular, and in ageing research in general, linking their past stories with present actions and future hopes.

Same-sex, Politics, LGBT, Ageing, Scotland
Social and Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Dora Jandric

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Dora Jandric is a doctoral researcher at the department of Sociology, at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh. Her research interest is in ageing studies and non-heterosexual relationships. Her PhD project explores how older same-sex couples in Scotland imagine their future. She has published three book reviews in the International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, participated in three COST Action (IS1409 and IS1402) training schools and has presented her work at the 13th ESA conference in Athens (2017), Greece; the AgingGraz (2017) conference in Graz, Austria, and the Sixth Interdisciplinary Conference on Aging, Life-Course and Social Change in Norrkoping, Sweden (2016).