Measurement of Balance in Post Hip Fracture Elderly After Asthroplasty in Ramathibodi Hospital

This study measures balance in a post hip fracture patients after received hip arthroplasty in Ramathibodi Hospital. It uses cross sectional descriptive analysis study. The subjects are post hip fracture patients age 60 years old or more after underwent hip arthroplasty surgery. Patients were randomized selected and measured of balance by the Timed up and go (TUG), Berg Balance Scale, Single Leg Stance Test of right and left leg (SLST-Rt and SLST-Lt) were evaluated at full weight bearing. Twenty-nine post hip fracture patients with a mean age (standard deviation) of 74.7 (7.7) were recruited. The median of TUG was 20.66 and the minimum and maximum value were 11.24 and 59.19 respectively. The mean (standard deviation) of Berg Balance Scale were 41.06(9.25) point. The median (min,max) of SLST-Rt and SLST-Lt were 4.35 (0,50.67) and 2.5 (0,59.45) sec. These test showed that almost of patients had balance problem and high risk of falling. There were imbalance problems in almost of hip fracture patients after arthroplasty.


Medical Perspectives on Aging, Health, Wellness

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  • Thitiporn Phakdepiboon
    • Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine, Ramathibodi hospital , Thailand Thailand
    • rehabilitation medicine doctor who interested in geriatric rehabilitation