A Study of Narrative Translation in English Versions of Border Town

By: Qingqing He   Zhou Xueting  

Border Town is the most pure novel in the history of Huxiang literature. Thanks to its rich local color, it has a unvarying artistic fascination and high social value. The study of its English translation is of great significance to the external transmission of Huxiang culture. Therefore, based on Mona Baker’s narrative translation theory, this paper contrasts the narrative activities in the translation of Gladys Yang and Jeffrey C. Kinkley, and thus explores the underlying cause of how Jeffrey C. Kinkley’s translation made a successful narrative interaction with the target context. It is hoped that it will help deepen and promote the development of the English translation of Border Town and provide reference for the Huxiang culture and the Chinese culture to go out.

English versions of Border Town; narrative translation; Chinese culture “going out”
Communications and Linguistic Studies
Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

Qingqing He

He, Qingqing, postgraduate in the School of Foreign Studies, Changsha University of Science and Technology, China

Prof. Zhou Xueting

-, -, Changsha University of Science and Technology

I am an English teacher and researcher in Changsha University of Science and Technology. My major is applied linguistics. During my work, I have hosted more than ten provincial and municipal projects concerning on the language teaching and language application in different situations. At the same time, I have taught Chinese to international students in my university. I have got Doctor diploma on Education and show great interest in different countries education. The education function of the museum is my focus in recent days.