Retrieving Truth

By: Carla Rocavert  

This study examines the issue of 'post-truth' through two entertainment paradigms: citizen performance in social media and reality television (together discussed as reality entertainment), and artistic performance in traditionally scripted drama. The aim is to compare understandings of truth in both types of performance, linking the possibility of truth in drama to the ethical dimension of what is represented, and the level of critical freedom stemming from the dialogue created by the performance. While it is never possible to assert that any particular genre, era, artist or individual work will bring us closer to truth, it is worth investigating - in the context of our current 'truth' crises - examples of the way drama, in fictionalising human experience, has succeeded in using mimesis to promote various kinds of understanding. Such 'productive searches for truth' will be juxtaposed against the technological apparatus of modern dramatic forms in news, television and online content, to establish how the loss of faith in truth is tied up in new trends of representation. As Harold Pinter noted, drama gives us a perspective on politics through the objective, human experience of its characters. It is for this reason that the current Western crisis of truth, involving our particular set of modern, technological, and media-related problems, requires artistic narration.

drama, reality television
Critical Cultural Studies
Virtual Lightning Talk

Carla Rocavert

Lecturer Professional English, Critical Thinking , School of Journalism and Communication, ISCPA Lyon, France
Rhone Alpes , France

Carla worked at Sydney Festival, Sydney Film Festival and in artist management for Australian theatre, film and television actors before joining the University of Tasmania. Her research and recent publications investigate the ways reality television displaces creativity. Carla has been published in The Guardian, The Conversation and other academic publications in the fields of media, creativity and culture.